Who I am

     I am a Son of God. Created without sin and Clothed in God’s Righteousness alone by the Lord Jesus Christ’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection. I am Holy, unblamable, and unreprovable in God’s Presence.
     By the Father’s Living Word, in Christ Jesus, have I been anointed in my spirit to take of my Old Life of dead works and sin, and cause them to cease to exist. The work of this Death is the creation of the New Man. These New Works are now causing my spirit to rise out of the darkness I used to be blind and dead in, bringing my spirit and New Soul back into the Holy Presence of Almighty God.
     It is by God the Father’s Will alone that I have been given this Resurrection Life and New Experience. And by this New Experience, is Power now welling up within my heart to go forward and create my experience in all of creation.
     I have spoiled my dead works and the spirits connected to them, and I am now making a show of this fact openly for all of creation to behold and experience likewise. And all of creation WILL drink of this cup in my hand.

Only one quickening truth

     There is only one Truth, One Body, One Spirit, One Hope of our calling, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All, Who is above All, and through All, and in us All. Truth does not come in all shapes and sizes. Nor is it OK to “believe” some Truth while other parts of the Truth one would reject. The Spirit of Truth leads a person into ALL Truth, not just some, IF, one truly does have God’s Eternal Spirit creating in them Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Lukewarmness does not exist in God’s Kingdom. So, what is the WHOLE Truth?
      Before anything was ever created, The Eternal Spirit of God was alone and creation itself only existed in His Great Mind. Out of God the Father all things have come forth and in Him, they alone have their existence. He is God and Creator Alone, PERIOD. All things begin with Him and end with Him. To understand the Scriptures, the written Word must be studied in this Revelatory Light. To understand Life and Creation they must be viewed through the Spiritual Eyes of this Revelatory Light. Then and only then will everything else begin to fall into place and into its proper position within God’s Eternal Plan.
     God the Father’s Only Plan, His Eternal Will, is to Create an Equal Body of His exact Nature, Power, and Glory. An Equal Body of Power that will Love and Worship Him as God their Creator. It is His Good Pleasure and desire to be Worshiped completely in ALL of His Glorious Power. But, in order for this Body of Glory to be able to stand in God’s Powerful Presence in Righteousness, It must also be filled with the same exact Powerful Presence as He is. And the only way that this created Body of Glory can be filled with Equal Power and NOT TURN ON God, It FIRST must produce works of EXPERIENCING that God is their Creator. Works that It (creation) has NO Power in and of Itself, but that all Its Life comes from God, even Its very existence (Poor in spirit). If, this experience doesn’t happen first, then it will cause this Body to worship Itself (creation) rather than God Its Creator.
     This is the True beginning and ending of God’s Plan. Gen 1:1 to Rev 22:21 is the actual working out of His Plan by God the Father’s sacrifice of Himself to bring it to pass. What God is creating can be compared to in this first creation as to a man finding his equal Wife and Lover through courtship. What we then see from Genesis 1:1 to (the fulfillment of) 1st Corinthians 15:24-28, is God our Father Creating and Perfecting His Wife through His own Sacrifice of Himself (causing Her to EXPERIENCE Herself as Creation and Him as Her Creator). So that, she would be prepared and ready to meet Her King when He does come forth to KNOW Her. There is nothing else to see. There is no other Truth to believe. This is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ displays and reveals and causes us to experience by His Death, Burial and Resurrection.

God our Father and our Creator

     Who is God? And more specifically Who is God the Father? Very simply put, God is The Eternal Invisible Spirit upon which all things are built. Everything that exists, whether in the Spiritual Realm of the unseen or the Physical Realm that can be seen by the naked eye, is created by God’s Spirit. Which would make Him, the Father of All creation, or the Father of all spirits.
     To create, God takes of His Spirit and produces a work, which then becomes a manifested extension of His Spirit. His Invisible Spirit now becomes visible to creation as they behold these works. These Works exist solely upon the Spirit giving to it its existence. And without the Spirit, the work by itself does not exist.
     Before God created anything, God was one complete Spirit. To create Living creatures up to and including Angels and Mankind, God had to and still has to take of His Spirit, and in part, separate from Himself each spirit that is to make up each created Being. This is called “forming the spirit” within each creature. And even though God the Father has separated from Himself portions of Himself to form His created Beings, His Spirit is still whole and complete. Because, the spirits within each of His creations, are merely extensions of Himself performing works which Glorify His Spirit as a WHOLE. But when a creature begins to produce works of sin, works which glorify its individual self rather than the Spirit of God as a whole, then that creature’s spirit becomes separated from God’s Spirit by the selfish works which now extend from itself. These selfish works cover the creature’s spirit in darkness, blocking it from that point forward, from having any union or Light Fellowship with its Creator and God.
     Because, of the work of sin in the Garden of Eden, all mankind from that point forward has been born in and through that initial work of selfishness. Born, according to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And so, every single child born into this world until now, are all born according to this same exact work. Which, same selfish work, completely separates each creature from God their Creator. Mankind now, because of this sin, comes into this world not knowing at all that the only reason why he even exists is because of the spirit within him, given to him from God’s Spirit. They glorify their physical parents as being their creators and not God. And so, with every spirit given from God, it now comes at a great price from God our Father. For He Himself suffers with every child born, as He is fragmented again and again throughout all creation and time. How then shall His Spirit be made whole again? Is He even mentally in control of what is happening in this fallen creation? All answers to every question can only be found in God’s Plan of redemption which He is Creating in and through His ONLY begotten Son Jesus Christ by His Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

The Lord Jesus Christ

     There are so many conflicting beliefs over the past 2000 years concerning Jesus Christ’s Nature, from Him being God Himself to Him being just a good Prophet. And well, almost all of mankind’s beliefs are wrong from one degree to another, because the majority of mankind have not been woken up by God’s call for them to repent to His Truth. So, in their stupor, mankind continues to judge and believe that who God is, is according to who they are in their fallen state of death. They judge God and His Plan and Will to be according to their birth after the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and not according to The Tree of Life. Mankind believes the lie that they have a right to exist as gods by “their power” alone, and that by “their power” is what maintains their existence, even though all mankind from Adam on can’t stop from dying. They have no power to do anything otherwise, because their way is blocked by sin in knowing the Truth. And unless God the Father draws mankind to Himself, all who are in unbelief will stay in their sin – whether they want to or not.
     To be Eternal means to have neither beginning of days nor end of life. There is only One who is Eternal and that is God our Father. He is Spirit and is Immortal and Invisible in all realms. Only His created Works can be seen, which then manifest His Glorious Hidden Spirit. Jesus Christ the Son of God is also Eternal, BUT ONLY BECAUSE, the Spirit within Him, given to Him by His Father, is Eternal. Jesus Christ was Created by the Father as all mankind is formed of God’s Spirit to exist. Jesus Christ is exactly the same as all mankind in all points, including His birth, but only if we judge Jesus Christ’s birth with Adam’s birth. Both Adam and Jesus Christ had unique births, for they were not born after the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but after the Tree of Life. But whereas Adam fell, Jesus Christ didn’t. Because, to produce works after the Tree of Life, one must NOT just Know, but also EXPERIENCE that they are not the Creator, but God’s creation. And the only way to experience this foundational truth, one must suffer their powerlessness. Because Adam had no way to experience his powerlessness in the beginning, the fall had to happen for God to maintain His Righteousness. This fall though enabled Jesus Christ to be born into a world full of sufferings 4000 years later, allowing Him to now experience His and all creation’s powerlessness. And upon rising from the dead, Then Jesus Christ became the sole Author of salvation to the rest of creation, redeeming God the Father’s Spirit out of the corruption it had been subjected to, in order to maintain the Father’s Righteousness. It is by this Truth that Jesus Christ walked according to, not by sight, but by Faith. Knowing that He was born into this world, not only to suffer loss, but that upon His Resurrection of being filled with all the fullness of the Father, Jesus Christ would then give His experience unto all of creation for them to also become partakers of His God’s Great Salvation.
     To go deeper, by Faith, Jesus Christ claimed that He was the Eternal Son of God, BECAUSE Jesus Christ’s Formed human Spirit within Him came from the Eternal Spirit of the Father, giving to Him His very Existence. In other words, the Spirit within Him is Eternal because it has always been a part of the Eternal God. Everything that Jesus Christ did, whether it was in Word or Deed, He did all according to the Revelation that was fed to Him in His Spirit by the Father’s Holy Angels. Even His very Name – Jesus Christ – was the manifested Name of the Father for all men to see. BY FAITH – The Words which Jesus Christ spoke were not His Words, but the Father’s Words – The Works which He performed were not His Works, but the Father’s Works – That He came from the Bosom of the Father and that He goes back to the Father – That He came from Glory and goes back to Glory – That He came down from Heaven and goes back to Heaven. The Apostle Paul even takes it a step further and brings it out many times in his Letters to the Churches, that Jesus Christ IS the Creator of all things. But how so? By Jesus Christ’s power alone? NO, BUT BECAUSE, BY FAITH, Jesus Christ walked as if He was the Creator of all things, according to being ONE with the Spirit of the Father given to Him without measure within. Which Spirit of the Father, in the beginning, DID CREATE ALL THINGS.
     Jesus Christ was tried and tested repeatedly for His Faith. That He was God’s One and Only Plan and everything else was a sacrificial lie to Perfect His Faith. Faith, which spoke that everything that the Father Created, was Created with Jesus Christ in mind as being the True Beginning and End of All things. Faith, which spoke that creation did NOT “fall into sin and so a Savior was needed”. No, the exact opposite is the Truth. Faith which says that the first creation fell into sin BECAUSE it needed to be in a state of separation from God’s Spirit, so that, Jesus Christ would be born into a state of constant struggle and conflict. Sin was the cultivating effect (the means) needed to plant the seed of Jesus Christ (the cause) into a fertile ground. Point blank, the first creation’s sole purpose was for it to be a sacrifice (not willingly of itself) to perfect the Father’s Second Creation. Almighty God has sacrificed of His Spirit to create this first creation to use it only as a training ground. So that, in and through trials and sufferings, the Father would be able to teach to Jesus Christ, by experience, who He is as the Father’s creation, who the Father is as Jesus Christ’s Creator, and show to Jesus Christ that He had no creative power or life in and of Himself, even to exist. Only upon experiencing this Terrible and Dreadful Foundational Truth in Hell, would the Father, then be able to Righteously fill Jesus Christ with His Great Power, making Jesus Christ equal to Himself. And so, when Jesus Christ went to the Cross, it was then that Jesus Christ experienced the full trial of His Faith. And after suffering and victoriously rising up from death’s lying hold, Jesus Christ’s Faith in the Father became a reality, and He sat down on the Father’s Throne as God and Creator – UNTIL the Father in Jesus Christ makes His enemies His footstool. Once, this first creation serves its purpose in perfecting God’s children, then it too will be delivered from the corruption – the Foundational Spirit of this first creation will cast off all old works just as Jesus Christ cast off His work of death and rose from the dead.
     Let me ask you, was Jesus, in His earthly ministry, actually sitting on the Father’s Throne? Not by sight He wasn’t, but according to what the Father through the Angels had Revealed unto Him throughout His early life, He was. And by this very Faith did Jesus believe and walk according to, even at His Death on the cross – And because He believed by this Faith, that He was Eternal, the Grave could not hold Him and then Jesus’ Faith became a reality raising Him up to literally sit down on the Father’s Throne of Eternal Power. He now became the FIRST BORN among many. Jesus Christ now seated as God, has now become the FIRST Begotten of many Sons. Jesus Christ, having experienced Himself the Death, Burial, and Resurrection, now gives this same ONE and Only Work unto all the Father’s Elected Sons for them to experience likewise. When an Elected Son’s spirit is anointed by Jesus Christ’s Work, their spirit begins a transformation process of casting off their sin and waking up to the Truth. Truth that says that they are Eternal and always have been in the Father, just as Jesus Christ their Lord. And now each Son begins to experience the same thing as Jesus Christ, as they are perfected in His Faith, becoming fully ONE with Jesus Christ and ALL His Glory. And though, Jesus Christ’s personal position, given to Him by the Father, is as Lord over all – ALL the Sons of God share in this same position with Jesus Christ – reflecting the Father to all. Jesus Christ is, and always has been, a Created Perfected Eternal Son among many Sons – among many Brothers – and among many Friends, all of whom have had their True Eternal Beginning built upon ONE Work. Many Sons combined to produce the ONE and ONLY Body of Glory that will Love and Worship the Father correctly in all Righteousness.
     Mankind has all been born into this first Creation of “beginnings” and of walking by sight, according to The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But what does Faith claim? Eternal Life through experiencing the Lord Jesus Christ. Now then, when one proclaims that they have Eternal Life, do they really have the Faith of Jesus Christ to claim that? Have they died to their old works suffering loss? Not just saying it, but experiencing it? And have they then been woken up to the Truth that the spirit within them, which gives them their very existence, comes from God and has always existed and will always exist? To walk according to this Faith then, is to make the BOLD claim as Jesus Christ did – I come down from Heaven, and so I will go back to Heaven. For NO MAN will ascend up to Heaven if he hasn’t first come down from Heaven (John 3:17). And Greater Works shall the Sons of God do, now that Jesus Christ is sitting on the Father’s Throne. What are these Greater Works?
     DISCLAIMER: To make Jesus Christ (Creation) as God/or equal with God, BEFORE He has first experienced the Father’s Will (which Will is Jesus Christ being separated from the Father by Death, and THEN and only then being filled with all the Fullness of God at His Resurrection), Then that is also claiming that we too (creation) are all gods with “rights and power” who stand in God’s presence by our own works.  Which is what all other religions believe and almost all of Christianity is now in agreement with this lie – Though they KNOW IT NOT.

Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?


     By God the Father’s Will in Jesus Christ have I been called to Preach GOD’S SALVATION UNTO HIS ELECT and to Preach THE DAY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOD, to every creature in all creation. To the Jew first and to the Gentile. My certificate to preach is not given to me by some school of theology, college, organization, person of reputation, or church. My Certificate is written on my Heart by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, through Experiencing His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. And the Proof of this Certificate is that my Heart, which was once filled with gross darkness and the pleasures of sin and death, has now been made Pure – Circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in the putting off of the body of the sins of the flesh by the Circumcision of Christ Jesus. And so, having Truly Experienced Jesus Christ and His Salvation, I now have been given the Power to cause all who will come to me to also experience the same exact as I have experienced in Jesus Christ. For it is Christ in me who speaks, and so I speak – And it is Christ in me who works, and so I work. All mankind will bow down to the Lord Jesus Christ, to the Glory of the Father, one way or another. Whether through conversion or destruction, for Jesus Christ is Empowered to make ALL His enemies His Footstool. And He will not stop or waver until He achieves the Father’s Will.
     To have Fellowship with other members of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Body in His Salvation, it is not enough to claim one has been forgiven of one’s sin, and yet at the same time have no desire and no clue to anything else in what God is doing. God is not a God of old mana. He is a Living God who is constantly Creating according to His Plan of Redemption. And ALL THINGS happening in this world today are happening according to His Plan of Redemption. ALL THINGS – Both Good and Evil. To claim one has been Born from Above, is to claim that you are now One with the Spirit of the Lord and all that He is doing in our Hour of time. The Testimony then that one should have, because one has the Spirit of Jesus Christ within them, is to have the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev 19:10). In other words, the Body of Christ in this hour should be able to collectively see exactly what the Lord is doing NOW and why. I am well aware of the Five-Fold Ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Preachers, Teachers, and Evangelists. They each, by God’s Grace, are to Minister unto the Bride their Portion and Calling within God’s Plan, and collectively bring a Full understanding of God and His Will to the Bride. So, in other words, obviously not all are called to be Prophets to show in FULL detail what the Lord is doing in upcoming events within God’s redemptive Plan. But just to quote Scripture after Scripture and preach sermon after sermon without revealing anything to what the LIVING CREATIVE God is doing right now, is NOT the Spirit of the Lord at all. Even if a Preacher is not a Prophet, He still will be able to give a synopsis of what the Lord is presently doing. Because to him through the Spirit of Prophecy (which all the Bride has), will God Reveal in and through His Written Word where we are at within His Great Cycle of Redemption and begin to fine tune the picture. So that, His Children will not only prepare themselves for His second coming, but that they will also be able to BOLDLY witness unto this dying world exactly about this Great Event of our Glorious King – possibly even saving a few out of the fire of destruction.
     This is the fellowship of the Bride of Christ in this hour THE TIME OF THE GENTILES HAVE COME TO AN END. It is now time for God to be Glorified in all that He has been doing since the Beginning of Time until now – Which has been Creating a Body of Glory, through sufferings, in whom He would be Glorified in and Worshiped by. This Body of Glory is about to be Resurrected and Raptured into Their full Inheritance of Himself. We are in the Second Coming of Christ as we speak. All things are being set up and put into place for the final showdown. And where this showdown is going to happen is over in Israel. For God is going to display, in and through Israel Herself, to all creation, exactly what He has Spiritually been doing all along, up to and including Resurrecting His Bride of Christ. Israel is going to fully type this out on all levels.
     This showdown is called the 70th Week of Daniel. When, the Beast System (Rev 13:3) The 8th Head (Rev 17:11) United States of America (see note below), by military force, signs a false peace treaty with many nations, including carnal Israel – then the time of the end (7 years) will have begun. At this time will the 2 witnesses (of Rev 11) rise up in Great Power over in Israel and begin to display to the Bride of Christ, to all of Israel, and to the entire world, exactly who God is and what He has been doing since the Beginning of Creation until now. These 2 witnesses themselves will have fully experienced the Lord Jesus Christ’s Salvation, having been completely redeemed from all sin. They are the Capstone of God’s Holy Temple built without hands. These 2 Witnesses literally will be as if Jesus Christ Himself is standing there for the whole world to see. Their Preaching will iron out ALL wrinkles that are PRESENTLY still in the Bride of Christ today – preparing them for the Rapture. At the same time, the 2 Witnesses will begin to wake up and seal the 144,000 of the 12 Tribes of Israel and all else who will be saved within Israel. They will also prepare the individuals scattered throughout the world to receive God’s salvation from the 144,000 when they do go forward (at the 3 1/2-year mark). And finally, to the rest of the world that don’t believe they will pronounce judgment on them.
     The whole world, including all of carnal America and all the carnal Christian world and carnal Israel, will absolutely hate them for their witness, because they will be exposing all of their hidden lies and the false spirits (trinity included) that they truly worship behind the curtain of this physical realm. The 2 witnesses will not be quieted or stopped for they will be empowered to hold back all harm done to them by their experience in Christ Jesus. Then at the end of their witness (3 1/2 years) will they lay down their lives as a final witness, causing the Beast System – America in the Lead – to come in and kill them (Ezek 38 & 39). At this moment the entire world’s population will either put their lot in agreement with putting them to death, or they will believe in the 2 Witnesses testimony. And all, either way, will seal their fate from that moment forward. THEN the 2 Witnesses will be openly empowered by the Spirit of the Lord within them to take back their life which they gave up by the same Command from the Lord. This open display of power will Glorify and Prove that God the Father in Jesus Christ has ALL Power and does ALL things according to His Will alone. Creation belongs to Him, and He does with ALL creation as He Wishes, and creation has no power to anything otherwise. The Bride of Christ knows then, that their Rapture will happen at any moment. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh! Isaiah 60 and Zechariah 13 will happen and soon upon the 7th Trump will God go forward as a Mighty Man and fight for Israel —⇾ NEVER AGAIN WILL HARM OR OCCUPATION COME TO ISRAEL, BUT SHE WILL RULE THE WORLD (the 7th and final major Kingdom) according to the Bride of Christ ruling in the Spiritual realm with Jesus Christ. Woe unto the unbelievers for the time has come for your judgment.
     NOTE: I am well aware that Rev 13 shows 2 Beasts – The 1st beast is the Roman Empire and the 2nd beast is America. But take it a step further now ⇾ The 1st Beast has 7 Heads showing the 7 prior ruling governmental styles of Rome. The 2nd beast, WHOSE SEED COMES OUT OF THE 1st beast and was planted over here in the new world, is now shown mature and unique, being distinguished from all other of the prior 7 ruling systems. A Democratic Republic – which enables satan to now fully possess all individuals to his fullest – because all believe they are gods by right. So deceiving is this 2nd beast – the greatest Nation ever to exist “As a Lamb”, and yet we see that satan is actually speaking unhindered in and through the Government and the people herself. The 7th head of the 1st beast is healed how? Out of the deadly wound of the 7th grows an 8th, healing the complete system. America is the 8th Head that comes out of the prior 7 heads. Yes, so in other words, it will be America and her president who bring a false peace to the whole system. The catholic church is done. The pope is done, no power, just a figurehead. The Power of satan and his ruler ship has moved on. The real power now lies in America, and the world is going to hate her, respect her yes, because of her power and satan indwelling her, but absolutely hate her. The 10 horns will come against her in the end (George Washington’s 3rd vision). But there will be some who survive and walk out into the Millennium.
     The overall church world today doesn’t know this, because they are not the church at all. And are all deceived into believing a lie given to them by God Himself. Why? Because, when God had come on the scene over the past 100 years through the SHOUT, they have shut their ears to Him and would not believe in what He was Revealing of Himself. They would rather worship themselves than the creator. And so, God has turned them over to do just that – to worship death rather than Eternal Life. The church world today is the “binding of the tares”, which will eventually be tossed into the fire of Great Tribulation and be destroyed in the wine press.
     To the Wheat who will hear my voice, I will remind you from where most of us have come from – out of the organized religion of our hour – the traditions of past generations. But we believed in the Truth that the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ was given unto us in that present hour (the Shout), and so we received God the Father’s Salvation. Just as all past generations have also received God’s Salvation, when they too came out of the organized religion of their hour. We are now in the hour when it is time for the Bride to experience the FULL inheritance of the Sons of God. The Five-Fold ministry has brought us to this very door, but now it is time for us to walk through and be Glorified completely in the Lord Jesus Christ’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection. For this to happen, we have one final trial to bare and to experience, WE MUST HEAR AND BELIEVE in the 2 Witnesses testimony. Yes, that means exactly what you are all thinking, we will all go through the first half of the tribulation period. The judgment towards the world happens in the second half and not the first. For the first half of the 7-year tribulation period, will be for the trying of Israel and the sealing of Her spiritual Sons of God. The 2 witnesses will open up the eyes of spiritual Israel, and at the same time the 2 witnesses will also instruct the Bride’s Spirit exactly what we must do to be fully transformed. And then the last Trump will sound!
     I will leave you with this simple admonishment and encouragement – Trust in the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ alone, and not in the traditions and teachings of man. And God Himself will reveal to each of us exactly what He is doing in our salvation, and what He is also doing to deceive and separate the unbelievers through delusions. Only believe, all things are possible, only believe.     Matthew Espenlaub