The Resurrection From The Dead

     Now are we resurrected in the Lord Jesus Christ. In the present. This very moment. This very second. It is this Faith that the Sons of God are given by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Author and Finisher of this Faith. We are not the Creator of this Faith; it is given to us as a Gift. This Faith is the property of Jesus Christ, and He alone has all Copyrights to it. And yet by the Father’s Will are we made to be partakers of His Faith – His Glory – His Inheritance. It is a Real and Living Substance that exists whether Creation believes Him or not. Those of us who do believe, we do produce the works of belief – because – of His Faith He has given to us. And so, our works will reflect exactly THIS RESURRECTING FAITH over time. Works that reflect a death to our “First creation” of dead works, and then and only then in this state of death do we begin to produce the works of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. A Totally New Creation.
     If you claim that you are a Son of God and that you have the Faith of Jesus Christ, and yet you are not producing His Resurrecting Works, then you are deceived and have not the Truth. First, repent BY the Lord Jesus Christ’s Faith (Death to ALL of your sin – not just the lukewarm statement of  “I am not sinless but I do sin less” – which is absolutely walking by sight), be baptized in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, and then you will begin to walk in the Newness of Life by the Gift of the Holy Ghost empowering you to do so.

Matthew Espenlaub

I am a Resurrected Son of God who is called to Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord and to Preach The Day of Vengeance of Our God. To bring comfort to those of us who mourn, to wake up those of us who are asleep, and to separate those who believe not in the Everlasting God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are in the hour of our Lord's second coming - Come in all who hunger - Sup and be Full.

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