Let us go on unto perfection

     The Image of the Church for the past 2000 years, is the very image of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The First Church began with the strength of a LION, witnessing to the world in both Word and Deed, exactly what it meant to be Born from Above by an Endless Life. Unstoppable in the face of all sin and evil, just as the Lord Jesus Christ did during His earthly ministry.
     But just as the Lord’s Faith was tried and perfected at His Death, so too was the early Church’s Faith tried and perfected when they began to experience a massive martyrdom for their beliefs in Jesus Christ. They were as a CALF led to the slaughter. For the next 1400 years, the Church laid in the grave as the catholic church (800 A.D. on) ruled the church world with an iron grip. Such darkness covered the whole earth, nothing peeped, and nothing prospered.
     Then that great stone of death was rolled away with the hammering of the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door. The Spirit of the Lord through Martin Luther began to Resurrect God the Father’s Truth out of the dark grave of the traditions and doctrines of man, and into the Saving Light of His Resurrected Son. The Protestant Reformation was in full swing as the True Church began to Wake up to certain foundational Truths about the working of the Lord’s Grace through the preaching and teaching of many reformists – A FACE AS A MAN – including but not limited to Luther, Calvin, Knox, and Wesley. The Pillar of Fire moved from one restoring Truth to another, beginning with “The Just shall Live by Faith” (Martin Luther) and Predestination (Calvin), to the Truth that we are Sanctified and set apart unto Holiness within one’s heart (John Wesley), and finishing up with the Pentecostal movement at the turn of the 20th century, which restored the Power and the Working of Gifts by the Spirit of the Lord back to the Church.
     Whereas the beginning Church slowly lost much of the Truth about the Lord Jesus Christ and the working of His Grace within the first couple of centuries of its Birth, the very opposite happened in these last few centuries, where we see these same Truths now being slowly restored back to the Church through the Protestant movement by the Lord’s Spirit – Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification Truths being restored back which display the inner working of God the Father’s Salvation in His Son Jesus Christ. The Lord though, was not done yet, because what the Protestant Movement restored was only the WORKING Truths within God’s Grace and NOT WHO God our Creator Truly is. This wasn’t restored until Bro Branham came on the scene in the 1930s.
     Bro William Marrion Branham, by the Spirit of the Lord, took all that was restored back to the Church through the Protestant Reformation, and placed it all upon the Foundational Truth that our God is NOT a Triune God, but our God is ONE God working in Three different offices of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And that the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit IS THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. By which Name, Bro Branham water baptized by – each and every time – when he would put someone into their watery grave – raising them up in Newness of Life in Jesus’ name – In the Father’s name  Exactly as the First Church did, recorded in the Book of Acts. Bro Branham soared as A FLYING EAGLE in the Spirit of the Lord, and over the next couple of decades, because of his far-reaching vision, Bro Branham was able to reveal to the Bride of Christ all about the 7 Church Ages and reveal about the opening of the 7 seals, preparing the Lord Jesus Christ’s Bride for His soon return.
     Bro Branham did NOT OPEN the 7 Seals as many have claimed today, he only REVEALED what happened/happens when the 7 Seals were/are opened – a very big difference. He was the VOICE of God telling to us the Seals’ Revelation. (Also, he didn’t have a clear understanding of the opening of the 7th seal itself, and so he would not give its Revelation. It was not for his hour, but for our hour to know) The first 4 Seals have been OPENED (released) over the past 2000 years. They are the 4 different Horse Riders (judgments that the Lord has released) which has caused perfection to come to the 4 different Living Beasts – (7 Church Age Saints). But the last 3 Seals have not been opened yet. If they all are actually opened, then that would mean that they would already in the process of being fulfilled, but they are not – or the Redemption of God’s Kingdom would have already been here. Plus, not all that has been Revealed about the Seals, is the full depth of their Revelation. We only have a very rough understanding of them, and much more needs to be shown before we will experience the Resurrection/Rapture. Especially, the order of when the last three Seals will be opened and what will be happening in their opening. And yes, this also includes the 5th Seal by the way, which has not been opened or fulfilled. And the Revelation itself that was given is not correct either. The correct understanding of the 5th Seal is that they are not the Jews from the Holocaust, but that they are both the Jews and Gentiles, that will die during the Great Tribulation Period (last 3 1/2-years) – Because of their Faith in the Lord and His Resurrected Bride – preached unto them by the 144,000. And they are under the altar for 3 1/2-years, because the Temple (bride) is not open to receive them, UNTIL all 7 vials are poured out. The White Robe Saints, whether they live or die, are only those who receive and believe in the ministry of the 144,000. The White Raiment Saints sitting on 24 Thrones are all the Old Testament Saints (does not include the 12 Apostles) – They already have Glorified Bodies and are Ruling right now – ministering unto us through the Lord’s Angels the Lord’s Salvation. The Fine Linen Saints are the 7 Church Age Saints (including the 12 Apostles). You either believe in the message of your hour and are saved, or you don’t and die in your sin – No maybes – Anything else is just one’s flesh trying to compassionately deal with the unbelievers outside of God’s One True Salvation – Or it is one’s flesh trying to deal with the tragedies of this world, not having a complete understanding of who the Father is and what He is Willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill His Will. No, there are no White Robe Saints in the Bride, only Fine Linen will get you in.
      When Bro Branham went off the scene in 1965, Bro Raymond Jackson began to also soar as A FLYING EAGLE by the same Spirit of Lord that gave Bro Branham vision. Bro Jackson took up right from where Bro Branham left off, continuing to reveal and teach to the Bride of Christ exactly Who God our Creator is and what the Creator’s Plan and Purpose is for us – His End-time Bride. Through Bro Jackson, the Lord sat us all down and fed to us Truth after Truth, year after year. He cleared up much confusion about Bro Branham’s ministry and his passing, honing us in on many Truths that were taught by Bro Branham which required more focus and refining. The Lord Jesus Christ in Bro Jackson, revealed to His Bride much about the Nation of Israel and what part she will play in these End Times and especially through Daniel’s 70th Week, all the while feeding to us FRESH MEAT Revelations within God’s written Word – especially in the Book of Revelation – which the Bride of Christ absolutely NEEDS TO KNOW to be prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ’s 2nd Appearing.
     As Bro Jackson, by God’s Grace, continued to minister unto the Bride of Christ, the Spirit of the Lord through Bro Jackson, began to anoint many men all over the world to rise up on the wings of EAGLES and step into and fill the positions within the 5 fold ministry. This was so that the local churches would be given more personal present day instructions into the Lord’s Righteousness along with correction and reproof, so that they would be given protection from the grievous wolves around them, and so that the local churches would be given fresh NEW MEAT for the overall building up and the edifying of the whole Body of Christ worldwide. Most of the today’s younger generations have come into God’s saving Truth through the 5-Fold Ministry – I myself included. Through one of the 5-Fold ministers have I been woken up out of my grave by the Lord’s SHOUT given unto me in and through a Brother named Joseph Martin. In whom, the Lord Jesus Christ has done an absolute tremendous work, giving to Bro Martin much Revelation into the cycles and working of God’s Spirit behind this physical veil. God through Bro Martin, revealed to my spirit that God’s Mighty RIGHT HAND IS the Father’s Host of Righteous Angels, which God in and through controls all things in both the Heavens and in all the Earth. It is this very Revelation that woke me up unto God’s Salvation. It is what my spirit needed to Spiritually hear, in order to believe in all the rest of what God was revealing in that hour!
     We are living in the year 2019. Are we presently walking in the Light that the Lord Jesus Christ is giving to us at this very moment, or are we asleep to His Present-Day Truth because we refuse to stop chewing on the old manna from years ago? Have we learned anything from the past examples of what the Church over the last 400 years (or the whole Bible for that matter) has experienced when they refused to go on? Their children organized around what their fathers had received of the Lord Jesus Christ, and when the Lord came forth with New Revelatory Meat His children refused to open their mouths, and so they died of starvation. What do you think they were saying back then? “No, we have the whole Truth of the Lord, and there is no more – NEW – Revelation coming on the scene that the Lord is giving – it’s all lies spewing forth from devil’s mouths!” Every generation says this very thing, whether out loud or silently in their hearts. Fear keeps us stuck in the past, because for us to go forward would mean that we are not in any control and must solely rely upon the Lord Jesus Christ to lead us into uncharted territory. What makes it even harder for us as children is that in some of the past teachings of our fathers (the past 400 years to present), which we PRESENTLY believe in, are not correct. Well, wouldn’t that mean then that God in the past revealed lies as truth? Not so, God in every generation has only revealed bits and pieces of His overall plan to the Church. It is only when man, who, not being satisfied with the present amount of Food God is giving, and desiring to be fuller, unknowingly begins to fill in the blanks with his own understanding. This is how we get these distorted truths and dual statements. And so, each Bride generation must personally deal with, not only the Fresh New Meat coming on the scene from the Lord Jesus Christ, but also the backlash that comes from carefully straightening out the incorrect interpretations about prior Revelations given unto their fathers. NEWS FLASH – God our Father has it all set up this way, so that, when He does come on the scene with His Present Truth, it is met with FULL on Warfare, including in the Bride herself! Because only in the suffering and dying to our flesh for the Present Truth (yes, our flesh too), does New Life spring forth.
     The battle in believing in the Present-Day Truth of the Lord has always been this way from the beginning of creation until now, especially in the past few hundred years do we really see this coming to pass. The Lord’s Birth Pangs are coming faster and faster and increasing with much pain and suffering, as we see our FULL Resurrection appearing on the horizon! Take a look at the contractions – The Lutherans came out of 1400 years of lies fed by the Catholic Church – 200 years later, the Methodists came out of the organized Lutherans – A 110 years later, the Pentecostals came out of the organized Methodists – And then less than 20 years after that, a Great Shout rang out when Bro Branham came on the scene and drew a sharp line in the earth, distinguishing between what the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ was revealing to him, compared to what all other organized religions in that hour were claiming to be of God, including the most recent Pentecostal movement of 1906 to 1915 – When Bro Branham went off the scene how many years went by before God raised up another vessel? Immediately after, here comes Bro Jackson, believing in the same Spirit that spoke through Bro Branham. But wow, was this move of the Lord extremely painful for Bro Jackson and that Present-Day believing Bride in that hour.  Because God gave them no time to rest, but instead He stoked the fire. From the door, Bro Jackson was made to face the Branhamites, witnessing to them that the Lord has moved on – IN HIM, and at the same time having to carefully straighten out certain dual statements Bro Branham had spoken during his walk with the Lord. The sifting floor was in full effect for the Bride. Was Bro Branham in error? We know that that is not the truth to those of us who do have the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. The dual statements served God’s purpose so that the Bride would have to Trust in Him and not in man, causing the tares to fall away who worshiped man rather than God. The dual statements also let us know that there was still more to come that needed be shown and experienced by His Spirit through Bro Jackson (and the 5-Fold Ministry). Who, through much suffering, was given a brighter picture than Bro Branham and made us to sit down and be fed the unadulterated Living Word, which the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ was presently giving to Bro Jackson. He cleared up many things, taught us many New things, all the while focusing our attention upon Israel and what she will be experiencing not too far in our future.
     Bro Jackson has been off the scene for 15 years now. So then, where’s the BEEF? If the pattern of the Lord’s Birth Pangs is correct then New Meat should absolutely be falling at this very moment – If the pattern is truly spot on, then even while Bro Jackson was still alive, New Revelation concerning God’s plan of redemption for His Bride and all of Creation, was being giving to someone(s) to correct and bring into focus Bro Jackson’s teachings to this End-time Bride. Is the 5-Fold Ministry correcting and refining past Revelations given to us by Bro Jackson? Are they feeding the Bride New Fresh Meat? It would seem as if they are only maintaining what the Lord has already created in and through Bro Jackson rather than GOING ON UNTO PERFECTION. The Bride of Christ, for all intents and purposes, has fallen asleep in Church! Maybe this means that the Bride has all she needs to wrap things up, and now it is time for the Rapture? I think not, because if she had all the Truth that she needed, then she would be producing the Righteous fruit to reflect this. But instead she is producing just the opposite – works that are all too similar to what the rest of the organized religions in this hour are producing, the Bride is filled with self-righteousness! And what is even worse is that the Shepherds of the 5-Fold ministry worldwide, are now constantly bickering with each other, in the who’s who and what’s what – Some are even claiming that in Bro Jackson’s hour, he was just one of many who had something, and not at all recognizing that it was NOT according to Bro Jackson’s power that he ministered, but it was God’s Authority that was being shown in and through Bro Jackson! It is God who has raised up Bro Jackson, and it is God who has raised up the 5-Fold Ministry ⇾ through Bro Jackson. Bro Jackson was given this position by God for God’s purpose, and not according to man’s opinions, just as the 5-Fold Ministry has no work to take credit of in and of their selves, for they themselves do nothing unless given to them by God. What I say then, to ALL the 5-Fold Ministry in this hour – You have much to say about the next man, yet where is the power given to you by God to correct their mistakes and to instruct them into the path of God’s Righteousness? The 5-Fold Ministry today is too weak to do anything, other than to say great words of condemnation! I say this to your shame! Repent and maybe God will forgive you and lead you into His next phase right ahead of us.
     There is still much that the Bride of Christ in this hour needs to hear and experience before she is ready to go and meet the Lord in the air! The sifting of the Bride is not done – not by a long shot. Many things need to be straightened out concerning her prior teachings and beliefs and many New things does the Bride need to accept and believe before she is ready to shed off her old body in order to put on the New One. Right ahead of us there is an event that shall do this very thing, not only for us the Gentile Bride, but also for the Nation of Israel and the whole world. Can you guess it? No? Well, it will be the 2 Witnesses that shall do the final work which needs to be done in order to perfect us all. Here is some New Meat to those of us who will receive it – The 5-Fold Ministry’s purpose in perfecting the Bride will be fulfilled in and through the 2 Witnesses. How? The 2 witnesses will NOT come on the scene, having come out from today’s religious world. It is only through the 5-Fold Ministry (The Fathers), that the 2 Witnesses (Children) have received their salvation. Their Experience in the Lord’s Salvation comes from them being a Bride of Christ, in and through the Preaching of the Truth by Bro Branham and Bro Jackson and the 5-Fold Ministry. And now it will be the 2 Witnesses (Children) in the first half of the Tribulation Period, that will give (Voice of the Arch Angel) back to the 5-Fold Ministry (The Fathers) to give to the Bride exactly what they will need to know – TO IRON OUT ALL THE WRINKLES in order to be ready to experience the LAST TRUMP – which will happen after the 2 Witnesses are put to death and rise up from the dead and sit down on the Lord Jesus Christ’s Throne. There will be no doubt in the Bride’s heart if these two are called of God or not, and those who have their OIL from the SHOUT will light it up when they begin to Preach!
     The 2 Witnesses at this very moment in time, DO NOT BELIEVE in the trinity – as certain 5-Fold ministers today are prophesying concerning individuals that they claim are the 2 witnesses  Claiming that these witnesses BELIEVE in the trinity right now, but only need to come into the Truth in the near future. Also, the 2 Witnesses will not be ones who are highly recognized among the world or the Bride herself – God will be Glorified, and not “their” ministries. And just as the Gospel went to the Gentiles from the Jews, so too, will the Gospel go back to the Jews from the Gentile Bride. This idea that the 2 Witnesses will have a separate message to give to the Jews outside of what the Father has already been doing presently, is NOT it at all – that’s called PAGANISM. What these 2 Witnesses will be witnessing to the entire world will be their Transformation Experience in Jesus Christ, because they believed in the Shout (They will have been completely redeemed from all sin while still here on this earth) WHICH IS WHAT GOD OUR CREATOR HAS BEEN WORKING ON FROM THE VERY BEGINNING – CREATING A BODY OF GLORY THAT WILL WORSHIP HIM IN RIGHTEOUSNESS ACCORDING TO THE WORKING OF HIS SALVATION IN AND THROUGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – A SINGLE PLAN WITH MANY PHASES, BUT EACH NEW PHASE HAS HAD HER START IN THE PRIOR PHASE. The Bride of Christ will receive the 2 Witnesses (differently) than the Spiritual Jews, because the Bride has oil in her from the Shout. The Nation of Israel though, will begin to reflect exactly what is happening in Heaven when the Bride of Christ is Resurrected/Raptured and takes Her rightful position on Jesus Christ’s Throne. Satan has been removed from his heavenly position rule and has been cast outside the gate, and so too, will everyone be removed from Israel’s promised land that do not belong. Israel in the physical will be a PURE reflection of what the Bride is doing in the Spiritual. Not a difference at all, only a fulfillment! Stop worshiping the flesh of Israel as if she has some special calling or some special spot in God’s Heart – we are all one in this together – Jew and Gentile. Righteously see that Israel as a Nation always reflects what is going on in the Spiritual Realm not just some physical reflection.
     NOTE: The Bride of Christ will not go through any of the judgment that the Gentile world is about to experience, because the first half of the week of Daniel’s 70th Week is not geared towards the Nations of the world, but towards the perfecting of Israel herself (7 Trumpets). Only after the Last (7th) Trump sounds (Resurrection/Rapture), half-way mark, will satan then be poured out to bring judgment upon the Gentile Nations of the World in Great Tribulation (7 Vials).
     Just as John the Baptist’s ministry paled in comparison to the Lord Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry, so too will the SHOUT’S ministry pale in comparison to the 2 witnesses’ Ministry.  And just as John the Baptist’s ministry had to decrease as the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ’s began to increase, so too must the Power of the SHOUT decrease as the Power of the 2 witnesses increases. The SHOUT is coming to an end, and soon the Voice of the Arch Angel through the 2 Witnesses will begin to sound. THESE ARE THE 2 ANOINTED ONES OF THE END-TIMES WHO STAND BY THE LORD IN THE SIGHT OF THE WHOLE CREATION!
     The Lord Jesus Christ Bless all the True Bride, that the Elect may hear and be strengthened by the Words that the Lord has given unto me to speak unto them.         Matthew Espenlaub