Spirit soul and Body

     Mankind is made up of 3 parts ⇾ a spirit, a soul, and a physical body. What do we really know about any of these three? Yes, mankind professes that He is well aware of much that there is to know about mankind’s makeup, but to be honest this present age lacks any real insight into the actual workings and purpose of why we are created this way in the first place. The year is 2019 and mankind still has no solid understanding about the inner or the outer workings that make up mankind, including why we have been given this physical corrupted body that dies. We don’t know for any lack of trying though, for in this hour we do have millions of schools of learning from both the theological and the scientifical points of view. But it is not about how much one desires to know or how hard one tries to discover God’s hidden mysteries, it is about the process of how God wants to reveal Himself, who God wants to reveal Himself to, and when within God’s Plan that He will reveal Himself. It is God Himself Who has All Power over All things, and it is Him Who has kept our beginnings and our endings hid from us until the time of the Fullness of His Redemption comes upon us. Only then will God show to us the hidden mysteries of the totality of our Being, because then will it be needed for those who are living in the hour of His Resurrection/Rapture to know these things, seeing that it is they who will bring God’s Full Redemption to pass first in the dead in Christ and then in those who still remain at God’s 2nd coming.
     By God’s Grace, I have been given a deeper understanding into the secret workings of our entire Being. Only through experiencing God’s Truth in this present hour of God’s 2nd coming do I know the things that I know. The Truth about our spirit, our soul, and our physical body is pretty simple and straightforward and straightens out much of the confusion that the world and present-day Church is trapped in today concerning these things, including the Bride of Christ in this hour. But one can only receive their understanding by the Spirit of the Lord anointing your spirit to see these simple Truths.
     The spirit is our powerhouse, our soul is the collective works that our spirit has created, and the physical corrupted body is how the Sons of God are perfected into receiving God the Father’s Eternal Life. I want to first focus in on the first two parts of the spirit and soul, and then explain about the last part, the physical body, and why it is not as it seems.

The Spirit

     The spirit of man comes from God’s Eternal Spirit. Before we were formed in our Mother’s womb, we did not exist other than us being in the Father’s Mind. Some of us are to be created to become the Sons of God, while others are to be created temporarily to perfect God’s Sons. All creation of mankind has been and is created according to God’s Eternal Plan from before the foundation of the World. This Plan is to Create a Wife in whom God could perfect His Truth, in Who He is as Her Creator and Who She is as His Creation. All creation, both the Good and the Evil, is a Righteous thing when viewed through the Truth that all things are needed exactly as they are in order for God to accomplish His Plan and Goal of perfecting His Eternal Wife.
     The spirit given to each of us is already Eternal and will always exist, but it is the soul of man that is not eternal and that needs to experience a transformation in order to continue to exist alongside of God Himself. Our spirit given to us is our Life-giving force that enables us to exist consciously. The spirit within us IS our powerhouse. Only by the spirit’s energy are we able to do anything at all. EVERY SINGLE WORK that we create, we produce because the spirit given to us by God causes each of our works to come forth in its proper time. By works, I mean all the voluntary and the involuntary works we create, whether in our heart and mind or in our physical body themselves. These works include, but are not limited to, the creation of our actual soul, our physical birth, the creation of our very thoughts and beliefs, the ability to make decisions, the adding of understanding and wisdom to our overall soulish man, the judgments we form towards ourselves and towards others, the feelings within our heart of love – joy – peace – fear – hate – and depression, the experiencing of our 5 natural senses of touch – taste – smell – seeing – and hearing, the ability for our physical hearts to beat because of the electrical impulse given to it by our brain, our very breath we unconsciously breathe every moment of every day, our blood flow within our body, our bodies ability to grow in stature and maturity, eating food and drinking water, staying healthy, getting sick, us healing our physical bodies, us healing our mortal souls, the ability to interact with others, us maintaining a job, us creating a family, us experiencing every pleasure conceivable to man, us creating works of sin, us creating works of the law of self-righteousness, us experiencing the Salvation of our Souls, us creating the works of Righteous Worship that are pleasing unto God, us growing old and dying a physical death, us being Resurrected/Raptured into God’s Full Inheritance of His Eternal Life. All these works and much much more only happen because our spirit gives to us the power to create these works. If our spirit does not empower us, then we will not create anything. We exist solely because our spirit has created us consciously, and without our spirit to maintain our very existence we would then simply cease to exist. Our spirit comes from God and will go back to God. This will happen either at the 1st Resurrection unto Eternal Life for the Sons of God, or at the 2nd Resurrection where the soul and consciousness of the wicked will cease to exist.
     Our spirits are all extremely small pieces of God’s overall Whole Spirit. God has taken pieces of Himself and formed each of us, with the purpose that each of us will do exactly as God Wills for each of us TO do. Our spirits still belong to God, and He does so with them as it pleases Himself. Creation has no say so whatsoever in whatever God has planned to do with each of us. We truly are God’s slaves to produce exactly what He has ordained for each of us to accomplish for the overall production of His Glorified and Perfected Wife. The Sons of God all are merely pieces of God’s Puzzle that must be shaped a certain way in order for each of us to fit together to form one final gigantic Image that will Glorify God in the End. The rest of mankind is the machine in which God will cut and shape His Sons of God with. When the Puzzle is finished the machine is no longer needed and can be disassembled.
     The reason why mankind thinks that he has some power to do as it so pleases himself, is because God has deceived ALL mankind into thinking this way from his very earthly birth into his physical body. The Sons of God must first be created in a state that causes us to create the works of self-worship, so that God can then cause us to experience that we cannot get out of this snare of self-worship, no matter how hard we try to, until He so deems us to be released. We experience our powerlessness, that we as creation, can do nothing in and of ourselves. We are formed into this 1st earthly creation to create sin, and then being caught in our sin we have no power to quit sinning. It is only when we are empowered, by Jesus Christ, to create the Righteous Works to release ourselves from our sin, that we will then experience Eternal Life and truly give all Glory to God for Creating us according to His 2nd Creation ⇾ His Eternal Wife. It is God Who both commands us to be Created in death and Who then raises us up and Creates Eternal Life in us.

The Soul

     When our ordained time for our earthy birth is to happen, our natural father and mother come together to KNOW each other ACCORDING TO THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, and one of our earthly father’s seeds is then filled with our spirit by God’s predestination. Our earthly father’s seed then finds its way to our mother’s egg, and directed by God’s ordained hand, causes our father’s seed to enter our mother’s egg. Our spirit within our father’s seed then causes our mother’s egg to be fertilized and our conception is now underway. At no point in any of this process does it somehow happen by chance. Nor does the physical play any part in this. God controls it all.
     The initial work of our spirit fertilizing our mother’s egg with our father’s seed, is the actual beginning of the creation of our very soul. The first work created by our spirit is the forming of our soul, and only then does the physical reflect this by creating our specific unique genome (the combining of 23 of our father’s chromosomes with 23 of our mother’s). Every single work that our spirit produces from there on out adds to or builds upon our soul. As the work comes forward from our spirit and causes our soul to increase, the cells of our embryo begin to multiply which eventually begins to take shape and forms into our fetus. With every heart beat our fetus beats it reflects the growth of our soul. And then when it is the ordained time for our earthly birth, the work is added to our soul and the reflection of this is when we breathe our first earthly breath. Our soul cries out to be fed of the spirit, and so we are fed naturally.
     Over time our soul grows in wisdom and understanding of the working of this physical realm, and so our body grows also along with our soulish increase. A child’s soul begins to mature by the increase in what it experiences of how to wisely operate one’s self according to the Good and Evil of this world. In order for the soul’s survival the physical body must survive, and so the soul must be able to control and even manipulate its surrounding circumstances in order for them to turn out for soul’s favor. This begins small at home, and at school, and around one’s friends. But, once one deems themselves strong enough, they will then go out into the big world, and begin to apply what they have already learned at home in order to survive and prosper by making an impact in whatever one places his hand to do in this wide open world.
     As our soul grows, our consciousness also grows and increases in the things of this world. Every single work our spirit has ever produced, which makes up our soul, is also what makes up our consciousness ⇾ the soul and consciousness are the same thing. The consciousness is the combination of the mind (knowledge and experienced wisdom) and the heart (feelings stemming from one’s created works). The works of our soul carries with it many feelings. Every different feeling that comes from our heart is an extension of one of the works we have produced. The creative increase of these specific works, the stronger the feeling we will experience. This applies to all works across the board ⇾ Joy, happiness, peace, pride, a sense of accomplishment, pleasure, love, heart ache, loneliness, pain, fear, hate, and judgment are just some of these feelings. The more works we do the more powerful the feelings, the more powerful the feelings the more we are driven to do more of the same works.
     At some point in order to level one’s life out, one must begin to create certain works of judgments and place boundaries around the other works one has already created, or one’s life may spiral out of control. We all must find some sort of purpose in our lives at some point in order to combat the growing chaos within our hearts and minds. It is usually around this time that one will begin to search out a mate, or join some type of organization, or begin to follow some form of religion. If one fails to do this, then the law of the land may have to step in, and if it comes to that, then it will definitely bring some temporary order to one’s life for “the betterment of us all” ⇾ called prison. I could go on and on about what makes up the soul, but I think you can get the gist of what I am trying to say.
     The soul I have just spoken of is also what the scriptures call “the flesh”, “the old man”, “the body of sin and death”, “the carnal mind”, and “the 1st creation” ⇾ It is us being born according to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. All of us have been created into this creation according to the corruption of this 1st soul. We are completely cut off from God and have absolutely no way of seeking after God and being pleasing unto God that will be up to His Righteous standard. Sure, we may say we seek after God and worship Him, but truly we don’t do it to please God, but to please ourselves unto the saving of our own corrupted souls.
     Unless a man be born again, in no way will he be able to enter into the kingdom of God. What does this mean that one must be born again? Well just as one was conceived into this life in their mother’s womb, so too must a Son of God now be conceived in the Father’s Womb. What is the Father’s womb? The Kingdom of God made up of God’s Righteous Angels is God’s incubating womb. The spirit of a Son of God is the egg and God’s Spoken Word from the Lord Jesus Christ is the Seed of life that Fertilizes the egg of a Son of God. Once we conceive Life in our spirits, we will then begin to produce New Heavenly Works which in return creates a New Soul that is now Eternal.
     So, what are these New Heavenly works? First off, these works DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO OUR OLD MAN. Unlike the self-righteous works of the law, which only add and suppress all prior works of the flesh, these New Works from Jesus Christ do the very opposite, they actually destroy the “old man of sin and death” ⇾ the undoing of all unrighteousness. The very work of destroying one’s old life is what actually creates the New Life, the New Soul, within a Son of God. Unless one loses his old life, he will not gain a New Life. For the word of God is QUICK, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the DIVIDING ASUNDER of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb 4:12).
     Our consciousness MUST begin to change! Not a suppression caused by self-righteous works, but a heart that is being Freed from all dead works of this carnal life! Our conscious thoughts should begin to experience a pureness and peace that one has never experienced before. The battle won’t be resisting one’s own feelings, for these very feelings won’t exist anymore. The wicked spirits behind the scene won’t have any power to tempt us anymore for we will have defeated their works in us, and they will absolutely flee from us, not tempt us. This very work of death and then the Resurrecting of one’s spirit into Eternal Life, is why our consciousness should be set on the things of Heaven. Why? Because the works we now produce are literally destroying the carnal hold that this old life has had on our hearts and minds, and how we now produce these New Resurrecting Works is because Heaven has come down to cause us TO experience them. So yes, our New Works gives to us a New Consciousness that literally has our mind in the clouds. The 1st Adam was earthly and made a living soul, but the 2nd Adam was from Heaven and was made a Life-giving Spirit!
     This can’t be faked, and one can’t cover up their old man and pretend that they too are experiencing this work of the Lord. The True Sons of God, by the Glorious Light within them, can see all things openly for what they are. The Sons of God are able to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in the Sons of God’s sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do (Heb 4:13). The old man won’t deceive them anymore! Only the Righteous Works of Fine Linen will get you into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

The Physical body

     I have talked a little about the spirit of man and about what makes up an individual’s soul, so let me finish this sermon by talking about our physical bodies and how it fits into the overall scheme of God’s Redemptive Plan.
     Our physical bodies have always been corrupted. Our spirit from conception was covered in this fallen corrupted substance and was sacrificially made to create works which brought glory to this fallen substance. Let me drive this home for you, before our spirit was introduced into the seed of our earthly father, his seed and our mother’s egg were already both made up of the fallen earthly substance of their parents, and their parents before them, and so on and so forth. This corruption of the physical can be traced the whole way back to the very beginning of Adam’s creation ⇾ NOT HIS FALL BUT HIS CREATION. God took of the dust of the ground and formed Adam’s body with it. Where did this dust of the ground come from? Lucifer and his angels created this fallen physical realm in the very beginning of creation itself. All the physical realm, including the dust of the ground, exists (for the moment) because satan had created this natural realm in the beginning to bring selfish glory to himself and his angels.
     So why then did God cover Adam in a fallen substance created by satan’s fall? Because, through the corrupted physical flesh, God was now able to Righteously create a way in which He could perfect ALL of His Predestinated Sons down throughout time. It was God’s Righteous way of causing His Creation to experience their powerlessness to do anything about the state that they were created into until God deemed it to change. Adam’s initial creation into the body of his flesh did not cause him to sin. He was born without sin according to God’s Tree of Life. But it was impossible for Adam to stay in this sinless state, because Adam had to fall in order to create an environment through which all mankind, including himself and Jesus Christ too, could experience the Truth of God’s Tree of Life. That God is our Creator, and we are His Creation ⇾ who has no power of ourselves or part to play outside of God doing it Himself in and through His Creation.
     Adam’s physical body was the door through which God, by satan, would be able to tempt him and his wife Eve. And through their temptation, it caused them both to experience the TRUTH about their/creation’s power, that they/we have no power to do anything, but what God causes them/us to do and create. Eve didn’t have the power NOT to be deceived, and Adam didn’t have the power TO resist his wife’s offer to join her in her deception, though Adam knew it was wrong. Neither of them had any power to do anything other than what they both did. This was a Righteous thing that happened, because it brings nothing but Glory to God as the only Creator who can create, and creation who has no power to resist God in what He wants done to do in and through them. After they had experienced the Truth of their helplessness, God then came on the scene and granted to them His Resurrecting Life to bring them back into Relationship with Himself. Now they knew through experience, that they Truly had no power to Worship God Righteously, but it is only by God’s Power that they are created to Worship Him.
     Once Adam and Eve created this work of sin, now would all mankind be born into their work of the sin of separation from there on out. What made it even worse was the serpent seed that also came forth from Eve in Cain. The serpent seed not only causes a child to be born into sin, but it also causes all babies to be born into this world NOT knowing anything about God at all. At least the sons of Adam were born knowing God and what He required of them to please Him in their Worship of Himself, but Cain’s sons in no way knew God nor anything about what God required of them to please Himself. After the flood, ALL mankind was now born, not only according to the sin of Adam, but also we are all born with the serpent seed in our physical bodies causing us all to be birthed into this world without knowing anything about God at all. We truly have NO POWER at all to seek after God and Worship Him. God receives ALL the GLORY when He gives unto us Eternal Life, for who can say they did anything?
     When Jesus Christ was born into this 1st corrupted creation, He too was covered in the 1st fallen physical substance of His mother’s egg. And just as Adam was born according to God’s Tree of Life, so too was Jesus Christ born of God’s Seed of Life. But what Adam could not do, because there was no way for Adam to experience His powerlessness from the door, Jesus Christ was able to potentially experience His powerlessness from day one ⇾ being tried on every side by sinful man bearing to Him witness of creation’s powerlessness. And then at the Cross, did Jesus Christ Himself experience the fullness of His own powerlessness, when He was powerless to do anything about His separation from God in Abraham’s Bosom. It was only after 3 days, did God’s Command in Jesus’ Spirit tell Him to now raise Himself out of the Death that God the Father had Willed Jesus into. Only then was power available to Jesus Christ’s Spirit to undo His work of Death, causing Him and the Old Testament Saints to Resurrect themselves out of the Works of this 1st creation into the New and Eternal 2nd Creation of God. How would Jesus Christ have been able to experience His Powerlessness if He wasn’t first given a body of this 1st Creation, so that He could put it to death and then Resurrect that old body by undoing its very creation from the very beginning of time? Thus, Creating a New Body based on the sacrifice and destruction of the first. Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second (Heb 10:5,9). In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away (Heb 8:13). And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands: They shall perish; but thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment; And as a vesture shalt thou fold them up, and they shall be changed: but thou art the same, and thy years shall not fail (Heb 1:10-12).
     Our corrupted physical bodies have served God’s Righteous purpose since the beginning of time. Our old corrupted bodies are the oven and fire from which God is now able to Create the New Soul built upon New Heavenly Righteous Works that Glorify Himself. It is now time for these physical bodies to be finally dealt with. In Jesus Christ our corrupted bodies have been dealt with by Faith, but it is now time for our Faith to be completely experienced. By Faith at this moment we are to walk as though our entire Old Man is dead and destroyed (Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. Rom 6:6). We are to walk this way no matter what satan tells us through our corrupted bodies, UNTIL THE REDEMPTION OF THIS PURCHASED POSSESSION. We are in the hour of the FULL REDEMPTION TO BE EXPERIENCED.
     This redemption though has NOT happened yet, no matter what these LYING PROSPERITY PREACHERS PREACH ⇾ Who claim that we should be experiencing the FULLNESS of Life now, while we are still living in these corrupted bodies. Our bodies must be changed first, then and only then will we experience the prosperity of being freed from the oppression of satan and his lies. At this moment satan still rules in the heavens, but according to these lying prosperity preachers they make claim that satan has already been cast out, and we should now be living in the freedom of not being oppressed by satan. Lies upon lies! Satan has not been cast out yet, and we are ORDAINED to live at this moment under satan’s oppression until it is time for the Bride of Christ to be empowered to completely change satan’s creation and undo all of his works! Not cover them up and pretend that they don’t exist. The prosperity preachers make claim that we don’t have to suffer anymore, because Jesus Christ has already suffered for us and defeated sin. Where in the scriptures does it say that we are NOT going to suffer for the Truth? Repeatedly the scriptures say the contrary, that WE ARE GOING TO SUFFER FOR THE TRUTH! It is true that Jesus Christ has defeated sin, but now we, who were unable to before, must likewise now be empowered by Jesus Christ’s work of the cross to defeat our own sin within us and produce our own works that Glorify God and His Salvation in Christ Jesus. TO DO THIS NEW WORK WE MUST SUFFER THE CONTRARY OURSELVES FOR THE TRUTH, FOR THAT IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO CREATE THE NEW MAN. Jesus Christ suffered the contrary for us, so that we would now be able to have Eternal Life. Something that we couldn’t do on our own while we were still in our sin. We no longer will suffer a sinner’s death and just be destroyed. But now we are able to have Eternal Life by us also suffering for the Truth, because Jesus Christ empowers us to. Our suffering creates Life in us and in those who still do not believe yet. To say we don’t have to suffer in this flesh anymore is a bold face lie, and they obviously are deceived into believing that their sins have been forgiven when they are still walking in them. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie (2 Thess 2:11).
     Listen to what I say, the only purpose of displaying the works of prosperity and healing in these corrupted natural bodies, is to witness the contrary of what mankind is seeing and experiencing with his natural 5 senses and his carnal understanding. It is showing the fruits of this spiritual heavenly kingdom that the Body of Christ is about to conquer from satan. The types being displayed is satan is still ruling, but we are being given the power to defeat satan when God gives us the command to go forth and fight. If we focus in on just the healing of our bodies and the prosperity of this life, then we don’t see the need for our bodies to be destroyed and this 1st creation to be destroyed. These preachers don’t see the need for this destruction, because they are deceived and still in their sin, holding on to their old corrupted souls filled with dead man’s works. Our bodies with all the works that we have ever created of this 1st creation must be destroyed. I would tell them that if you believe in your prosperity teachings to be God’s Truth, then don’t physically die and live forever in your corrupted state.
     God has a purpose and time for everything to be fulfilled in its proper order. Though Jesus Christ and the Old Testament Saints have experienced the Changing of their corrupted bodies, the rest of us haven’t yet. And the command has not been given yet for this to happen by Jesus Christ. It will be through the 2 Witnesses of Rev 11, who will issue the command to begin the Resurrection/Rapture. Why they will have been given this position of power is because they themselves will have both experienced the complete undoing of their Old Bodies of sin and death while they were still living under satan’s oppressive hand here in this world. And when they are both put to death, they will prove that all of their sin no longer exists within them by Resurrecting up from the dead. Then sitting down on Jesus Christ’s Throne, will they pour out their experience for all of creation to drink of.
     We are in the hour of the complete transformation of our entire Being. Believe in the Truth that has been given unto us through the Shout. Soon the voice of the Archangel shall be heard. And after 3-1/2 years will the last trump sound, raising up the Bride of Christ to go forward and cast satan out of heaven once and for all. It will be then that Israel will reflect the Bride’s Heavenly Work displaying that satan has finally been removed from Heaven and Us now ruling, BY ISRAEL BEING PROSPERIOUS AND DEFEATING HER ENEMIES IN HER PROMISED LAND.     Matthew Espenlaub