My time line-My Testimony

     My full natural birth name is Matthew Charles Espenlaub. I say my natural birth name, because I have a Spiritual Birth Name too. And though I do not know my Spiritual Name at this moment, I will know It when I am filled with my full Inheritance in Jesus Christ at the Bride’s Resurrection/Rapture. At that time will I be given an Eternal Name by Our Father in the Lord Jesus Christ, that will represent my Glory and Position within His Everlasting Kingdom. All of God’s Sons will have their own New Name, which, when All Names of Glory are combined, will equal to the Glory of the Father.
     I am 40 years old and currently live with my mom in Pittsburgh PA. I have one older sister (42), a nephew (9), and both of my parents are still alive (my dad is 75 and my mom is 78). My parents are divorced and have not lived together since I was 12 years old, neither have either remarried. All my family lives in Pittsburgh at this moment. If I could, I would love to be in contact and have fellowship with my sister, her son, and my dad, but because of my prior transgressions they are have been extremely hurt and very cautious of letting me into their lives. Thank God, by His Merciful Grace, that He has kept my mom’s heart soft all these years, while I was wandering through the wilderness! She has stuck by my side every step and stumble I have taken in my 40 years of experiencing life within God’s creation.
     My sister and I were both born in Panorama City outside of Los Angeles. Within a year after I was born, my family packed up, and we all moved to the eastern side of The United States of America, settling in at Altoona, Pennsylvania. It was in Altoona that I spent the next 18 years of my life, growing up and maturing in the ways of this world.
     My dad taught to me many things in my early years ⇾ If I want to become independent and successful in my life, then I must always work hard and never rely on the handout of others. Treat others how I wanted to be treated. Sometimes I may have to take a stand and fight for what I believe in to be right. Don’t complain or focus on the problem but suck it up and look at the solution. Get a good education and stay in school, so that I can get a good paying job later. After school each day, no playing – but do my school work, chores, and be with the family around the supper table every night. Be careful who I surround my myself with, for not everyone has my same interests in mind. Most importantly, I was to give much respect to my dad in all things, whether I thought he deserved it or not. And well, if I didn’t show him his proper level of respect, then consequences and judgments were severely handed out. It was his house and his rules. And finally, my dad taught me (as did my mom) that I should go to church every week, and to also believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are just a few of the principles that my dad instilled in me at an early age. And though I may have strayed from these in my teenage years and early 20s, later in life as I began to reflect back, I started to see the value in these things that my dad had taught to me earlier on. BUT, the most valuable lesson of all that I was taught, came not from my dad, but from my mom who taught to me ⇾ The Love of Jesus Christ is not just a word or a teaching, but an action that lasts forever no matter what is thrown at it. This I learned from her during the years of trials that I had to go through, because of my transgressions I had committed stemming from my drug use.
     Growing up for me was normal as normal gets. In the country was my stomping grounds. Every day, I enjoyed nature and the woods that surrounded my home, adventuring out into them every chance that I got. If not in the woods or helping my dad in the garden, I was in school experiencing what every other kid had to suffer through – the growth pangs of maturity, which only got deeper and stronger every new school year. In school, I was always placed in academic classes, and in them I usually got above average grades. I also was in the school marching band, playing the slide Trombone. During the summer months away from school, my family and I always went on some sort of vacation – usually that meant going to a National Park (Grand Canyon) or to a Historical Museum (Dinosaur fossils). We had a camper earlier on, but once we stopped using it, we then would stay at The Guest House on Military Bases – My dad is retired from the United States Army on disability. We would also every other year, go out west to California and visit with my great aunt.
     I grew up in a non-denominational church, participating in their boys’ group. They would take us on camping trips a couple times a year, which I really looked forward to. The church leaders taught the trinity doctrine, taught that there were 2 separate gospels – one to the Jews (Peter) and one to the Gentiles (Paul), taught that we didn’t need to water baptized anymore, and they also taught that there was no more need of the gifts of the Spirit – the gifts were only needed to start the 1st Church, 2000 years ago. I believed in these so-called truths until I came face to face with the Living Truth years later.
     In high school, I had a few close friends, who I hung out with more and more as my senior year approached. I had gotten my driver’s license and a car by then, so I had a lot more freedom available to me along with being able to travel wherever I wanted to with my friends. We didn’t drink or do drugs (I never had a single drink until after I graduated from high school), just normal guy stuff together, that built strong friendships. Today, reflecting back, I do see the value of having genuine friendships, but not of the world, but of the Spirit. There is always strength in numbers, especially in the Lord.
     I graduated from Altoona Area High School in June of 97, and began college that fall at Saint Francis College in Loretto, PA. – I wanted a degree in premed, with biology as my major. I had thought I had wanted to become a doctor. My time at college didn’t last that long though, because after I got a DUI in November of 97, I decided that college at that moment could wait and going into the Air Force would be my new direction. I finished out my first semester, and immediately I was sworn into the Air Force. But right before I left for boot-camp, I received my formal court hearing papers for my DUI – And so, I now had to finish out my sentence (1-year ARD program) before I would be waved back into the Air Force. My whole natural life changed from that point forward.
     During my year long wait, I started hanging out at a pool hall. It was there that I was first introduced to heroin. Within a few months I was shooting it up, and within a few months after that, I started to break into houses to pay for my fixes. Judgment was swift and I soon got caught and ended up serving 2 years in a state prison for my crimes. This was my first time in trouble other than my DUI, but the weight of my crime – spree of burglaries – carries with it a weight of greater punishment. While in prison I did seek the Lord, asking Him to forgive me of my sin and heroin addiction and help me to know Him better. Upon my release, I stayed clean for a while. I got a job and went to church. Within a couple months, I fell in love and got married. I had thought that this was the “Good Christian thing to do”, and that my marriage is what would please God, and so help me stay clean.
     Right from the door, my marriage took a quick turn for the worse when my wife, who had no prior use, started to use heroin out of the blue. I had thought that I would be strong enough to not use, while at the same time get her to stop using and get clean. But that is not what happened at all though, because my own strength had no power to deal with the spirit behind heroin. Once again, I was sucked into using, but this time it was much worse. I started breaking into houses again and just like the last time, I was quickly arrested and sentenced to do 10 years this time. I was devastated! Not just because of the time, but because I was now separated from my wife, whom I was madly in love with by then. What made it even worse, was that my wife never came to see me, but one time. I was in so much pain, so much heartache, so much fear, so much condemnation, so much disappointment, so much anger, and so much confusion. I cried out to God every single day and night on my bunk to help me withmy broken heart. “What did I do wrong” I would ask God time after time.
     A year or so after I started my 10 year sentence, I started to get real serious about seeking God for the answers to why I fell back into sin, why would He let me abandon my wife, and why my wife doesn’t talk to me anymore. Moreover, I wanted God to give to me a better understanding about who He is, was I believing something wrong about Him, and why did His churches have so many different teachings that opposed one another. I would walk around the prison yard going from Christian group to Christian group seeking answers, but all they ever wanted to do was battling with the next group in who was right and who was wrong. Everywhere I turned there was nothing but confusion being taught. There was one group in particular though that stood out from all the rest, because all the other Christian “clicks” were unanimous in their agreement together in condemning this one group for teaching completely bizarre and wrong doctrines. “Heretics are what they are”, they would all say to me, all the while adamantly telling me to stay as far away from them as I could. This perked my interest, though, and I approached them, hoping that maybe they would have the answers that I seek of God. The first thing that they told me about was the Serpent seed, which I found rather intriguing to say the least. Then they told me about the trinity being wrong and now my interest was really held captive. The next few days I heard all sorts of different beliefs that I never heard of, and they told me all about Bro Branham having the spirit of Elijah and how Bro Jackson continued on in the Lord’s message in his hour after Bro Branham went off the scene. It all had a ring of Truth to it, but I was still not convinced – that was until I met Bro Joseph Martin.
     Bro Martin began to explain to me that God’s Righteous Right Hand is none other than His Holy Angels, and that through His Holy Angels does God perform all His Works in both Heaven and on earth. And that God hides Himself in images and in types, only to reveal Himself to whom He wants to reveal Himself to. Because only by His Spirit, and not man’s intellect, can the hidden meanings of His symbols, in His written Word, be unlocked to one’s spirit. Upon hearing this I knew in my spirit, then, that I had finally arrived to where the Lord was speaking and where I would now finally find my answers. I believed at that moment that this was of God and that what these brothers have been saying to me about Bro Branham and Bro Jackson was also the Truth ⇾ that God was revealing Himself through their end-time message to this Laodicean Church Age. And that moreover, God was also showing even more hidden Truths through Bro Martin – for it was only through what I had heard from Bro Martin, that my spirit did become alive, enabling me to now believe in all that God was revealing of Himself in the past and in the present. I believed that up and to this point in life, that I had been deceived by the church and was actually still in my sin. But now that I had come in contact (through Preaching) with the True Salvation of the Lord found in His written Word, and that through believing in this Truth by God’s Spirit, were all my sins now forgiven. Over the next few months I read Contender after Contender after Contender – 100 at least. Just soaking it all in as I also talked with Bro Martin about all that he had experienced in the Lord Jesus Christ for the last 20 years he had been locked up. What a time of fellowship that was in the Lord! I had told my wife in letters and my whole family on visits about what was happening to me and about the Truth that I now possessed, but other than my mom they didn’t have much to say. My mom, though went home and studied the things I had told to her about the Lord Jesus Christ and this end-time message, and the Lord Blessed her in opening up to her spirit also the Truth of His Salvation. I was baptized in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ in the fall of 2003, right in the prison chapel. In the Spring convention at Faith Assembly Church in 2005, my mom was baptized in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ.
     For a whole year and a half after my conversion, I studied and devoted all my time to seeking the Lord according to His Truth. Knowledge increased in me so much, that I could scarcely take any more in. And though I increased in knowledge, I also increased in fear and in judgment towards others – especially towards a few of the brothers who were with me from my New Beginning in the Lord. I also still had all the desire of my past sins presently with me, and it was now even stronger than ever in my heart. The pain that came from thinking about my wife was unbearable. I didn’t understand it at all. I would read in 1st John ch. 2 that if you hate your brother, then you are not in the Light, but still in the darkness. I would read Romans ch. 6 about not living to sin anymore that is dead, but rather living now in the risen Lord. But it seemed that no matter what I tried or believed, the strength of my sin only got worse and worse. I knew that I had the Light in me now, but I still had no strength to get rid of this wickedness that filled my heart. The only thing that I could temporarily do, was to hide my sinful desires deep down in my heart, so that no one would know – especially my Brothers in Christ. This quick fix though, would only last but for a few short days before I would find myself lusting once again to commit one sin or another, or red-hot judgment would well up inside me towards someone else. What a horrible, wretched man that I was! Just like Paul I was experiencing my own Romans ch. 7, though I didn’t know it at that time.
     In April of 2005, everything began to change for me in my soul from that point forward. One night, after I once again was being condemned in my heart for judging one of my brothers, I started to read the books of James and 1st John. I was just looking for God’s Word to bring to me some sort of comfort, but what I found only increased my discomfort. For I was reading how I was NOT LINING UP at all with the early church fathers’ experience in the Lord, when they themselves – who were walking in the Truth of their hour – WERE released of their sin. They were telling me what it should look like on the INSIDE of someone who proclaimed to be inwardly believing in God’s Salvation – as they were. I fell asleep crying. About 2 am in the morning I woke up with this great desire to open up my mouth and just let all the pain be released out that was tearing me apart inside. And just like that, it started to happen. An actual invisible (to the naked eye) substance began to break away from within my body and come out of my mouth. I was so thrilled and at that same time freaked out! I had no clue to what was really happening at that moment. The next few days, I was on a complete roller coaster ride. I knew that the Lord was doing something, but I didn’t know what, other than I was being released from something that I could not see – I could feel it and even taste it, but I could not see it. Was this the actual experience of the release from my sin?
     As the days, weeks, and months passed by, this experience continued, and I began to notice a very slight change within my heart. I still did the same things as I have always done, but my fears were beginning to decrease ever so slightly. I was even able to begin to deal with the heartache that I felt every time that I would think about my wife. It was at this period that the thought came to me that I was being released from every sin that I have ever created, including all the feelings that come with every sin. And that it was not according to my works that this is coming to pass, but according to the Faith given to me of my inheritance in Jesus Christ. I wanted this to fully happen right then, a full release from my sin! But I slowly began to realize though, as the months went by and I wasn’t released, that there was nothing that I could do to speed this process up or to slow this process down. No matter what I did – pray – study God’s Word – make vows to God – fellowship with my brothers – tell my brothers of my experience – write letters to everyone (especially my mom) telling them about this experience – forgive myself for everything – forgive my wife for everything – stop smoking – start smoking again – stop lusting – start lusting again – no matter what I did nothing would change what I was experiencing. It was constant and sure, an Adamant Rock.
     My studies though did take on a whole new Light. For now, I began to JUDGE all Scripture according to this work of the Lord Jesus Christ within me. I began to see new and different things that weren’t being taught by the Bride at this moment. I also began to see some things that were being taught by the Bride at that moment, that were NOT lining up with what I was now seeing in the Word through the lenses of my experience in the Lord. How can this be if we are all of One Body and One Truth? A deep struggle began wrestling within me over what I was being shown and what the rest of the Bride was being shown. No answer was given to me at that time other than to just let go and Trust in the Lord. And, so after much debate within I did just that, I let go and trusted in the Lord to sort all things out and to guide me into His Eternal Truth.
     As the years passed by in prison, my experience increased as did the knowledge increase concerning my experience. I would write to my mom once a week about everything that I was going through and learning. She was my best friend and my great help to me in my time of need. She faithfully sent me money when I needed it and visited with me every single month. She was my sounding board as I would write to her all the strange and wonderful things that I was discovering and sorting out in what I was experiencing in the Lord. She was an outlet for me to vent and a way for me to ease the burden which the Lord was causing me to experience within. What a burden though, that my mom had to carry with her every day because of me! She was so close to me that she might as well have been locked up too with her son. What an absolute blessing from the Lord to have had mom by my side throughout all my incarcerations! When the Lord gives to us our Full inheritance, she will be well rewarded according to her deeds of being a helping hand to the Lord in His Great work! For she didn’t help me, she helped the Lord bring forth His Kingdom!
     My wife, though on the other hand, who should have been doing exactly what my mom was doing, divorced me in 2008, after having 2 kids to 2 different dads. Very trying times to say the least, especially when in prison all we mostly did was lay on our bunks with nothing to do other than to think about everything that is happening out in the world. But God caused my heart to be released even more from the pain that I felt from losing her, my love – my wife. I purposed in my heart to maintain my forgiveness towards her and to not let the root of bitterness begin to grow. I still thought at that time, that maybe even God would bring us back together in the years to follow.
     As I neared my release date, pieces began to fall into place as to why I was experiencing the release of my sin in this particular way. One main theme that always stuck out to me was – FAITH IS NOT ENOUGH to save me from my sin! What?! IF one’s Faith does not also cause one’s spirit to produce the works that mirrors one’s Faith, then their faith is dead. Divine Revelation is not enough to save a person from their sin, IF the Divine Revelation that one has received is not also producing a mirrored release to confirm their Faith. Example – The Faith telling people to come out of denominational churches had to also have the Power to fulfill that Faith in order for them TO come out of their unbelief. Jesus Christ’s Faith was not enough to Resurrect Him out of the grave if all that He had was His Faith and no power to perform what His Faith was telling Him to do. If all He needed was His gift of Faith, then POOF He would have been Resurrected by His will and strength alone. But the Truth is, if that was ALL He had, then most definitely He would still be there in the grave waiting. No, Divine Revelation given to Him by the Father, COMMANDED Jesus Christ’s Spirit that in 3 days He was to Resurrect Himself. Jesus was GIVEN DIVINE REVELATION THAT CARRIED WITH IT THE POWER to perform that Faith. He now had to wait 3 days in Hell, and then Jesus Christ’s Spirit itself by the Power afforded to Him by His Father, caused Jesus’ Spirit to produce the WORK to free Himself and those who were with Him out of Hell. So, unless one’s Faith in Jesus Christ is also being Fulfilled by Jesus Christ’s POWER, then that person’s Faith is dead.
     NOW LISTEN, this is the Faith of this present generation ⇾ To say all sin is unbelief is true, then if one says that they have Divine Revelation in this hour, then ALL unbelief (every sin – not just denominational doctrine sin) has been forgiven. And if every sin IS forgiven, THEN one must also have the POWER within their spirit to begin to release one’s own spirit from ALL of their sin according to Christ’s Resurrection. Knowledge WITH Power (God’s Power) is what saves a person. And if you say you have this Faith then hear this – If one thinks in their heart to sin then they have already sinned. You must also now be released from the very thoughts of sinning.
     Every Bride generation is given their portion of Faith and Power to perform exactly what God wants them to create in their hour. The beginning Church had been given the same exact Faith that I just wrote about, because they had to record what the Faith of Jesus Christ looks like when one is anointed to be released from one’s sin and now walk in victory over their past life. This was for their own benefit and for the Witness to all other generations that were to follow, especially for the hour that we are living at this very moment, seeing we must have Transforming Faith and Power to be changed. Generations following the 1st Church, up to and including Bro Branham’s and Bro Jackson’s hour (Their Faith was to come out of organized religion, including Branhamism and to wake the Bride up concerning the Lord’s 2nd coming – Shout), were not shown the same measure of Faith that I am now revealing. And though they did not experience the depths of the First Church’s Faith and Power, their Faith still had their roots which extended into the Full release from ALL sin, including even wicked thoughts. Every generation has had their roots founded upon the first Church’s Faith, whether they knew that full Faith or not. And it will be according to this Foundational Truth that empowers their spirits to resurrect their bodies from every work of the grave at the last Trump. To disagree would be to deny Martin Luther’s hour of salvation or any other’s hour of salvation, just because they didn’t have the same depth of Revelation that has been given to us thus far. Does the plant stock look anything like the Wheat Kernel? No, but you need the stock to bring the nutrients (Truth of every hour past on down) to produce the Wheat. Only then will the Wheat Kernel be MATURED and begin to look exactly like the Wheat seed that began the 1st Church. Today, it simply is not enough to hang onto the coat tails of prior teachings and prior Faith that has already been revealed. As Bro Jackson would always say – “God does NOT have grandchildren”.
     I was released from prison in the beginning of 2011, 6 months shy of serving 10 years. God had made a great change in my heart up and to this point, and so I absolutely thought that the Lord was now going to open a door for me to Preach what I was experiencing in Him. NOT at all, the very opposite actually happened, because there was still much more for me to now experience which I could not be exposed to while I was in prison! Ten years locked up; I had a lot of making up to do. My whole family was counting on me to do what was right and become successful in the ways of the world. I ended up getting a job at McDonald’s as a manager and was absorbed right back into society. Everything that I wanted I got, even a new car. I even was talking to my ex-wife again, trying to reconcile things back with her. All was going so naturally well for me, or so at least I deceptively thought. But what I perceived to be good for me was not so with God, for He was about to teach me another valuable lesson in my Experience in Him.
     Many parts of my flesh had eluded me in prison, and so weren’t dealt with yet by the Power of my Faith in Christ. But now they came out of hiding as the evil spirits behind the scene started to stoke the fires of their altars in my heart. I was completely mowed over, and only after a year and a half of my release from prison, I once again was behind bars. No new charges this time, but I had violated state parole by using heroin again. I was made to serve 2 years for my infraction. Man was I angry at God! Why didn’t He protect me from using again? I lost everything that I had worked so hard for! I just could not understand how this had happened after all that I had experienced in Him thus far. Through my intense anger, God began to show to me that the things that I still trusted in was not Him, but in mankind, worldly substance and money. He also began to show to me the difference between the world’s judgment and His Righteous Judgement – The world’s forgiveness and His Forgiveness – The world’s love and His Love. The world’s judgment judges that mankind has the power to do whatever he puts his mind to, and so, according to the world, it is you who controls your own fate and your actions either bring to you merit or destruction. The world’s forgiveness is accepting what others have done in order to restore a relationship and fellowship back with one another. One now becomes a partaker to each other’s works; they eat of each other’s fruits. But if one does not forgive, resentment, hate, and murder are at the door. The world’s love is for one to worship another, only in the hope that the other will in return worship them back. Judgment, Forgiveness, and Love from God though is NOT of this world! They all are very similar, if not the SAME thing, only just different viewpoints of the same God. They can be clearly seen in the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of the Father’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. It is God Who is working and controlling all things according to His Purpose and Will. And it is creation who must and will experience the Father’s Will in creating exactly what He wants them to, so that He can experience His Love in and through His 2nd Creation. Whereas the world worships itself, God worships Himself. Who is going to win out?
     I was released from prison once again to a halfway house and started back to work at McDonald’s as a manager still. That didn’t last very long though, because only 3 months later I was locked right back up. Yes, drug use again. Really? Now what God? What is there to teach me this time that I haven’t already been taught through the last 14 years or so of incarceration? God’s answer cut me to my very core. I must NOT just know, but also experience that I have no power to do anything in and of myself, but only what God causes me to experience. I would not stop using drugs until God Commands my spirit to stop. Only when He gives to me the Command will I be freed and not before then, no matter how much I want to stop or not want to stop. I was not in control of anything, period. I was a slave to God’s Will. I began to see God in a whole new light. Predestination took on a whole new meaning. My interpretation of God’s written Word had to be completely revised in the New Light of what I was now learning. Did I have a choice in ANYTHING? What about the evil I have done? How about my decision to believe in the Truth of His Salvation? An adamant NO is all He gave to me! His answer caused me to question my very existence, which is exactly where He wanted me to be so that He could now begin to show to me the real purpose of sin and the fall (both falls – satan’s and Adam’s). After all my predetermined judgments had been cut away, about who I thought God was and what strength I thought I possessed, He now could begin to show to me why all things have happened the way they Truly happened from the very beginning. I will explain more about predestination on my “Preaching” page.
     I was released from prison 6 months into my stay and put back into a halfway house. A month into my release I left the halfway house and went on the run from parole, staying from house to house. Drugs overwhelmed me as always, and after only 2 months on the run I was back in prison. This time to serve 9 months. I really began to feel very helpless about life itself and to question whether I would ever be free from drug use and prison. I truly began to see that I really didn’t have any power to do anything, and that my only hope to survive heroin would be if God Himself rescued me from it’s grip on my life. The only thing that brought me comfort was that I was still experiencing the constant release of my sin through my mouth. It never stopped one time no matter what the circumstances. This experience was slowly becoming my only friend that I could trust in, no matter what my flesh was saying or doing, and no matter what the world was saying or doing to me. God at this time began to reveal to me about the 2 witnesses of Revelation ch. 11 and the overall part that they will play in the Glorifying of Himself through Jesus Christ during Daniel’s 70th week. Are they really 2 males? Or are they a male and a female? What do God’s Cycles show to us? We are in the End of the Huge Cycle of where mankind’s sin is coming to an end. And so, we must take a look back at the beginning of this Huge Cycle to where sin first entered – Adam and Eve our first two witnesses.
     I was released Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, the day of Donald Trump becoming President Elect. The very NEXT day I was locked back up. Drugs were a factor, yes, but parole could not prove that that was the case and yet judged me anyways as being guilty of breaking their rules. I was now wearing my mom out. She wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to have me around in her older years. To the very marrow of my bones was I too – utterly sick and tired of this seamlessly endless cycle of the pain from using drugs and the judgment that followed. I sought God out and what He would have for me to do now. It was time for me to begin to bring all that God has shown to me thus far, through my experience in Him, and begin to bring it all into focus. I had a little over 18 months left before I would max out my state sentence and so that is what I did, I signed my max out papers.
     During this time, I went through many different unique trials and sufferings. One of these trials was getting into a fight. I was faced with defending myself and so that is what I did, and I won hands down. The trial was not the fight itself, but whether it was a Righteous thing to do or not. The truth of the matter is, is that we are to turn the other cheek by God Grace. Why? BECAUSE we are to suffer for the Truth that we are NOW KINGS by God’s Decree, we just haven’t yet been empowered to fulfill this Truth. We suffer knowing that even though we are Kings, until God Fills us with our inheritance, the flesh will have its way with us – satan will have his way with us to sift us according to God’s Purpose. BUT NOW HEAR THIS ⇾ Jesus Christ’s first coming was to suffer for the Truth, and after that He had suffered, He was EMPOWERED to rise up over all other powers, both satan and the Righteous Angels – never to suffer again. And so, The Lord Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming will not be to suffer at the hands of the sinners, but He will in GREAT POWER break asunder their bands and yokes, freeing His Bride from all works of death! Yes, we wrestle against satan and not against flesh and blood – But what that means is that satan himself has been given temporary power over all flesh and the world knows it NOT. Now take it a step further, if satan wasn’t god over this world, the world would STILL do the same things – worship one’s own self. All Paul was doing was showing to us the order of how this whole system operates – who’s in charge. He was not saying that the world, if given the chance, would not do the very same works that they were already doing, if satan wasn’t enticing them to do them. For they would – we all would. What I am saying then is, we are wrestling with the unseen side of both satan and man himself. The wicked works in satan and in man’s soul are about to be dealt a mortal blow and this is going to be reflected in and through the physical body and the physical creation. Think about this – Being Born Again means we must have a completely New Birth into existence – an Eternal Experience built with Eternal Works of God Himself. Our spirit is empowered by Jesus Christ’s Work to literally destroy our old soul made up of wicked temporal works. This destruction creates a NEW SOUL of new heavenly works that Glorifies God. Our physical bodies are going to experience this very same thing at our Rapture – WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY OUR PHYSICAL BODIES AND IN SO DOING CREATE NEW BODIES OF PURE GLORY AND POWER! And ONLY according to this Sacrificial destruction is Eternal Life Experienced.
     According to the Bride’s Resurrection/Rapture will the Israelites be empowered to reflect here on earth what has just happened in the Heavens. Right after the half-way mark of Daniel’s 70th Week will those who remain in Israel go forward as a Mighty man and destroy their enemies (gentiles types out “old self”) from off their promised land, just as the Bride destroyed her old self, and who has also just removed satan out of their Heavenly Promised Land. Will the Israelis be UNrighteous in killing the wicked? They are not going to be doing it by their power, but the Bride of Christ (behind the scenes) is going to be empowering them to do this work, according to their Righteous Work of the Resurrection/Rapture. This is called the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the Lamb, which will begin to happen at the half-way mark and finish at the end of the Great Tribulation Period (7 vials being poured out). The Great Marriage Supper is the Bride of Christ eating of the Sacrifice of destroying all wicked sinners.
     It is this that I received from God after I got into that fight – against someone 60 lbs. heavier than I – And I believe I was empowered by God to win. I don’t encourage fighting for fleshly gratification, but God is a Warrior and that is going to be shown when He wakes out of His slumber (God in us being completely woke up – Rapture) and sees the pride of mankind. And so I believe that the fight itself served its purpose in teaching to my spirit, soul, and flesh a lesson, that we are in a time of Transformation ⇾ That we are going to get our Spiritual swords wet in the blood of the wicked to perfect those who will walk out into the Millennium.
     During my last stay in prison, God also began to reveal to me about who the United States of America really is and the part she will ultimately play in these end-times. And though I at this moment still don’t have a crisp understanding yet, I can at least say that she will play a much bigger part than what we have been told by Bro Jackson. It was not for him to reveal to us America’s role, but to me it has been given to speak on these things. She is the 8th Head, and not the catholic church. Which I will go over more about on my “Preaching” page.
     Nearing my end in maxing out my state sentence, I had to figure out where I was going to live at upon my release. I didn’t want to stay at my mom’s, because the desire to use drugs was still present within my flesh – though it was almost non-existent now. But still I just didn’t want to bring any judgment to her and in her house if God didn’t redeem me the rest of the way soon, before I once again started to use. And so, I decided to go into a so-called Christian based yearlong drug rehab program called “Teen Challenge”. This was for the sole purpose of giving to me a little bit of structure and to get my feet under me, while the Lord worked on me the rest of the way in destroying my drug addiction by His Power working in me. I knew that they believed in the trinity, but how bad could it be?! When I was released and did find myself in Teen Challenge, let me tell you, it was the worst experience I have ever experienced in my entire life! And I have gone through some tough situations in my lifetime to say the least. I already knew that they would not be teaching any Truth, but to be subjected to their teaching’s day and night – WOW! Nothing but the judgment of the law of sin and death. They had no other choice but to preach that and teach that, because they had no power to deal with the actual cause for drug use – THE SIN ITSELF! Blind leading the blind! It was rough! Then 3 months into their program, it got really bad – I crushed my ankle mowing their lawn. I had to wait a whole month before the Doc would perform surgery, because it was so swelled up. When he did the surgery, he had to cut into my ankle on both sides at three different spots. Now I was on crutches, in pain, and still being subjected to their false smiles and lies. I had my ankle surgery on October 25th, and 4 days later I had to go back into surgery again to have my appendix removed! Now I couldn’t even use crutches to get around, so they were supposed to get me a wheel chair, but did they? NO!!! What a mess I was in. Never had I experienced anything like it. I literally could not leave, even if I wanted to. And believe me, I wanted to more than anything else! I knew then, that God was teaching to me the TRUE meaning of being powerless over my enemies! I just laid in my bunk and warred with the wicked spirit that had rule over Teen Challenge. Every moment that was afforded to me, I pressed into the Spiritual realm, telling that wicked spirit to release me! Finally, on January 26th of this year, my mom came and picked me up. I have not stopped thanking God since!
     The sin of using drugs and the desire that comes with it, have been completely removed from within my heart and mind. God our Father in Jesus Christ has empowered me to be raised up out of the grave of this horrible curse of worshiping drugs and the powers behind them! And not only drugs, but many many other sins have been removed, which I COULD NOT STOP WORSHIPING either. Yes, there is still more that needs to be dealt with within me, and by God’s Grace this will all happen according to His timing and Will. I won’t be glorified in any of this, period – none of us will! And according to God’s Work in my life will all flesh be judged by – For I am the same as all creation, and all creation is exactly as I am, whether they know it or not – including God’s present-day Bride!
     I am at a moment within my walk and life with Jesus Christ, that I am at complete rest and at peace within myself. This has never been the case up to this point in my life. In my past 40 years I have either been filled with darkness (first 23 years) or great trials (last 17 years). But the past couple of months though, God has set me down in a peaceful habitation and given me to have rest from all of my enemies, even the ones who are presently still in judgment towards me – their hold on me is waning in power. I am at a place where I can now in true peace, begin to bring out all of the Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Redemptive Plan, that He has given unto me over the past 17 years, and focus in on what part I will play, what part the rest of The Lord’s Bride will play, what part Israel will play, and what part The United States of America will play in the up and coming Great Day of the Lord.
     Over the years I have witnessed to many unbelievers and even to those who are of the Bride of Christ, what the Lord has been causing me to experience – but to no avail. It has always gone in one ear and out the other. I can literally count on 2 fingers who I fellowship with in this hour, and even they don’t accept all that I am bringing to the Lord’s table to eat. This is because God has not yet given to them ears to hear, nor was He empowered me yet to open up their ears through my preaching unto them. But this won’t always be the case, and NOW I know I am about to crest the top of a Great Mountain, where I am going to be empowered to ROAR MY EXPERIENCE IN THE LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST TO ALL CREATION TO HEAR. Let the earth be silent before the Lord, for He has raised up out of His Holy Habitation!     Matthew Espenlaub